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Northern Glass Ltd. Specialty Glass & Services


Northern Glass Ltd. is a New Brunswick stocking wholesaler of Schott Pyran Platinum fire-rated products and Glassopolis Protect3 fire-rated and safety glass.

We are UL licensed, and as such, are able to third party certify & label fire-rated products as required under NFPA 80.

Our mission is to supply the most cost-effective type of fire protective & safety glazing to our customers, within the constraints of the National and Provincial Building Codes, architectural requirements and customer preferences.

Fire-Rated Glass


The fire rating of an assembly is dependent on several factors. The lesser of the fire rating for the framing & glass determines the overall fire rating. Generally, fire protective systems use a standard fire-rated hollow metal frame, which if a door is included with glass installed, cannot have more than a 90-minute rating.

The type & rating of the glazing tape used will change the rating of the assembly. Never use tape without a fire rating. Never use a setting block or tape that can release harmful gases when ignited or which will melt & leave a space for fire & smoke penetration.

The type of setting block used should be specifically manufactured & rated for your specific assembly, or in a pinch, either calcium silicate or hardwood for a fire protective glass.

Fire-Rated Glass
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